Night Rating (NR)

Expand the boundaries of your flight day

The Night Rating is aimed to you as a pilot who is interested in

  • flying at night under visual flight conditions
  • to avoid time pressure due to the approaching end of the day
  • obtaining an instrument rating in the future
  • showing your friends and family the serene and awesome beauty of night flying.

The night rating allows a pilot to fly an aeroplane in night visual flight conditions (VFR). Night is a pleasant time to fly because the winds die down, as does thermal turbulence. Flying under the stars is usually calm. As a recreational flyer, the ability to fly at night gives you more flying opportunities.

Night flights with this rating must be conducted with line-of-sight to the ground. There are fewer ground reference points; there may be a lack of a clearly visible horizon; there is an increased risk of accidentally flying into instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) when flying at night as you cannot see the clouds clearly. For this reason, training is required for night visual flying.

Night flying training will improve your competence, enhance your confidence and add polish to your daytime skills such as traffic circuit flying and touch and go landings.

The aim of the course is to exercise the privileges of a LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A) or ATPL(A) licence for aeroplanes in VFR conditions at night.

Before commencing the course, you must hold a current LAPL(A), PPL(A) or CPL(A).

  • 5 hours Theory (Classroom)
  • 5 hours Flight Training including 5 Solo Takeoffs and 5 Solo Landings

See NR Cost Overview [link to PDF]

See NR Cost Overview [link to PDF]