IR Transition SE > ME

Combine your already acquired privileges for multi-engine and instrument flying

The Instrument Rating Transition from Single-engine to Multi-engine with an endorsed

  • Class Rating Multi Engine Piston MEP(Land)for flying in Visual Meteorological Conditions VMC only, and
  • Instrument Rating IR(A) for class rating Single Engine Piston SEP(Land)

is aimed to anyone who

  • would like to carry out planned private flights also on class MEP(Land) aeroplanes with a significantly higher probability of being able to carry out flights in non-visual flight conditions
  • aspire to a career as a commercial pilot with a business jet operator or airline, since almost all commercial flights are completed as so-called IFR flights (flights conducted under Instrument Flight Rules)

The holder of a single-engine IR(A) who also holds a multi-engine class or type rating wishing to obtain a multi-engine IR(A) for the first time.

The aim of the Instrument Rating Transition from Single-engine to Multi-engine course is to train PPL(A) or CPL(A) holders with an endorsed IR(A) for SEP(Land) to extend their IR privilege from single-engine piston (Land) to multi-engine piston (Land) aeroplanes

Before commencing the course, the applicant must have

  • completed instrument rating course for the aeroplane class single-engine piston (Land)
  • completed class rating MEP(Land) course
  • 5 hours Instrument time under instruction on multi-engine piston (land) (3 hours may be instrument ground time in an FNPT II)

See Timeline IR SE>ME [link to PDF]

See Costs IR SE>ME [link to PDF]