Mastering aeronautical radio communications

A radiotelephony certificate is required for flying in international airspace, authorising the pilot to conduct radiotelephony services in English.

Radio communications are a critical link in the air traffic control system. Standardized radio communication phraseology is internationally valid and mandatory for all pilots and controllers, enhancing safety and situational awareness. Accurate and concise radio communication is the mark of a professional pilot – jargon, chatter, and “CB” slang have no place in air traffic control communications.

We offer two different radiotelephony courses:

  • Radiotelephone Operator’s Restricted Certificate EFZ
  • Radiotelephone Operator’s General Certificate AFZ

With the EFZ you may fly in German and English according to visual flight rules. It is therefore intended for all private pilots who only wish to carry out visual flights and do not intend to acquire a rating for instrument flight or a commercial pilot’s licence in the future.

With the AFZ you also may fly in German and English; it is a prerequisite for instrument flying and for those who wish to become professional pilots, because it includes the radio communication phraseology for instrument flying in English.

Our radiotelephony instructor will prepare you diligently and perfectly for your exam.

In addition, you will practice the radiotelephony phraseology in English during your first training flights for the private pilot licence. For your first solo flights, you must have mastered this phraseology and must also have passed your radiotelephony exam.

EFZ: The holder of this certificate is entitled to use radiotelephony services in English and German language for flights under visual flight rules VFR only.

AFZ: The holder of this certificate is entitled to use radiotelephony service in English and German language including phraseology for flights under instrument flight rules IFR.

Be at least 16 years of age.

25 hours Theory; front-of-class teaching with radiotelephony exercises (partly via virtual classroom)

The course consists of approx. 8 lesson blocks of 3 hours each and can or should take place parallel to the practical lessons for the private pilot licence. After approximately 4 weeks, the examination is conducted by the Austrian Telecommunications Authority.

See Cost Breakdown AFZ/AFZ COURSE [link to PDF]