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We believe that

  • the superior quality of our flying training and the vast experience of our professional instructors provides the best preparation for anyone who has the goal of becoming an airline pilot
  • it is our duty to prepare and advise the student and their family about what lies ahead, in advance and in an honest way, to create the fairest possible relationship
  • our approach of streamlined training makes it possible to achieve a PPL(A) after just 8 weeks and a CPL(A)+ATPL(A) theory in 12 months


Graz (IATA: GRZ, ICAO: LOWG) is the ideal location for pilot training. The airfield is large enough to provide a broad professional experience but small enough to provide you the time and space you need to learn to become a pilot.

Learning to fly at Graz will prepare you for becoming an airline pilot far better than a base at a small grass strip:

  • International commercial airport operating 365 days a year from 0630 to 2330 local time.
  • Compact training area (close to Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Italy).
  • Located south of the Alps means more stable weather conditions.
  • Together with Graz ATC you learn airline standard radio communications from day 1.
  • Graz Airport is not swamped by lots of traffic, so your flying training progresses smoothly and efficiently.
  • With low utilization and short taxiways, it is very rare to wait for take-off clearance at Graz and the taxiways are never congested.
  • Graz airport has Standard Instrument Departure Routes (SIDs), Standard Instrument Arrival Routes (STARs), and all variants of Instrument Approaches, so you don’t have to fly anywhere else to complete your instrument rating training.
    This saves you a great deal of time and money.

Quelle: Mario Gimpel / Oliver Wolf / Krug / Flughafen Graz

ICAO LOWG | IATA GRZ | N46 59.6 E015 26.4 | Elev 1120 ft | Tower 118.200 | Radar 119.300 | ATIS 126.130

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