ATPL(A) Theory from PPL(A)

Full theoretical knowledge instruction for future commercial and airline pilots

The Airline Transport Pilot Licence (A) Theory from Private Pilot Licence (A) Training Course is aimed to anyone who is considering a career as a commercial business jet or airline pilot.

In order to be able to apply directly for a job as a First Officer with a business jet operator or an airline, you need an EASA Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) with endorsed Instrument Rating IR(A) and endorsed theory for the EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL(A).

Since the very comprehensive theory course “ATPL(A) from PPL(A)” not only includes the theory for the ATPL(A), but also the theory for

  • the Instrument Rating IR(A), and
  • the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A),

you must complete this ATPL(A) theory course before completing the flight training for these two training modules. It’s best to start this course immediately after obtaining the Private Pilot Licence PPL(A), because the successful completion of the PPL(A) theory examination is a prerequisite for starting the ATPL(A) theory course.

On this course you will learn all the theoretical content you need to work later as

  • a commercial business jet pilot, or
  • an airline pilot, orin an airline dispatch department.

You will build up a broad general knowledge of aviation through subjects from over a dozen fields of knowledge and learn specifically how to operate an aeroplane as a first officer or captain.

There is a lot of information to absorb. Of the 650 teaching hours, 90% (585 hours) are conducted via Distance Learning (Web Based Training WBT = learning via learning software on a computer via the internet).

In contrast to the integrated training system where the web-based training must be carried out in the flight school classrooms under supervision, in our modular system these many study hours can be completed from anywhere and according to your availability using highly professional learning software and via the internet. This means you can study for home, saving significant amounts of accommodation expenses compared with an integrated course. Of course, our professional flight instructors are constantly available to our you for questions and other support during this learning phase.

The remaining 10% of study is conducted by Absolute Pilots subject matter expert instructors as classroom instruction in our training facility located at Graz Airport or “virtual classroom” instruction in coordination with you if this is your preference.

* EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) member states are all EU Member States and additionally Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland

To train pilots to the level of theoretical knowledge required for the ATPL(A). The ATPL(A) theory is a requirement for:

  • commencing a type-rating for a multi-pilot aeroplane (business jets and airliners) as co-pilot (COPI), and further on
  • for the application for the issue of an ATPL(A) licence what is a requirement to fly as PIC on multi-pilot aeroplanes (business jets and airliners).

The privileges of the holder of an ATPL(A) licence are, within the appropriate aeroplane category, to:

  • exercise the privileges of the holder of a LAPL(A), a PPL(A) and a CPL(A); and
  • act as Pilot in Command (PIC) of aeroplane engaged in commercial air transport

Before commencing the course, you must have passed the theory examination of the PPL(A).
The applicant must have sufficient knowledge of Mathematics, Physics and English to facilitate the understanding of the theoretical knowledge instruction content of the course.

650 hours Theory (585 hours web-based remote learning + 65 hours in classroom at our Graz-based training facility or “virtual classroom”)

See Timeline ATPL(A) Theory [link to PDF]

See Timeline ATPL(A) Theory [link to PDF]