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Enjoy stand-out quality

Our aircraft are unusually well-equipped
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Based at Graz Airport, a primary international airport, our Cessna and Diamond aircraft are easily accessible for your rental experience.

  • International Airport – Clearance (Customs/Police) for flights to Non-EU or EU-non-Schengen countries.
  • Long airport opening hours – daily from 0630 to 2330 LT
  • All instrument approach procedures available

enjoy stand-out quality…

The high quality of our rental fleet will leave you with an enduring positive impression.

Our hangared and cleanly maintained Cessna and Diamond aircraft look like new; their beautiful interiors are very different to older aircraft flying today that still have outdated dials and tired cockpit surroundings.

The state-of-the-art avionics in our glass cockpits provide superb situational awareness for pilots as well as an auto pilot for comfortable flying and a weather radar via iridium. You’ll enjoy all-round comfort, with handmade leather seats and Bose headsets.
Our superior maintenance standards will also ensure that you and your passengers experience a smooth and safe flight, wherever you choose to go.

“Great price/performance ratio, great service and 24/365 availability”

… and pay only for what you need!

The rental prices that you pay are partly feature-based, i.e. depending on how you plan to use the aircraft (visual or instrument flight as well as “Persons on Board”), which means that we apply staggered rates.

The philosophy around our staggered pricing is that we believe pilots should not pay for something from which they have no direct benefit.

For further information, please see our conditions of lease and the detailed aircraft descriptions.

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Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

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