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Learning at Graz/Austria is better!

6 Reasons learning at Graz/Austria is better than at a small grass airstrip.

Graz Airport is the ideal location for pilot training; learning here will prepare you as an airline pilot far better than learning at a small grass strip.

Here are 6 reasons why:

  • The airfield at Graz (IATA: GRZ, ICAO: LOWG) is large enough to provide a broad professional experience and small enough to provide you the time and space you need to learn to become a pilot.
  • People who learn to fly at small aerodromes often become fearful of using the radio or communicating with Air Traffic Control. Absolute Pilots at Graz incorporate radio communications with ATC and we make sure you are an excellent airline standard communicator from the outset.
  • Graz ATC is helpful and supportive of our operations. Together with Graz ATC, we are focused on safety and efficiency to save you money.
  • Airfields are complicated places. Club pilots from small airfields are nervous about confusing taxiways, air traffic control procedures and the complexity of international airports. Graz is a major airport with low utilisation and short taxiways. It is very rare to wait for take-off at Graz and the taxiways are never congested.
  • Graz Airport has STARS, instrument approaches and SIDs directly at our runway. Why do they matter?
    • Airliners fly around the sky in pre-determined patterns. These are called Standard Arrivals (STARS) and Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs). Commercial pilots need to fly these patterns as well as instrument approaches such as ILS, PBN/R-NAV, VOR and NDB.
    • Having these, and far more, on your doorstep at Graz Airport means that you don’t have to fly anywhere else to complete your instrument training approaches. This saves lots of time and lots of money!
  • Graz Airport is not swamped by lots of flight training organisations. Why is this important?
    • Airfields where there are lots of flight schools usually mean that too many students are trying to access too few facilities.
    • Air traffic controllers are not allowed to have more than a couple of aircraft using the instrument approaches at any one time. As a result, huge queues in the skies can develop; often referred to in the news as ‘The Stack’ because controllers pile up the waiting flying aircraft in a huge column above the airfield.
    • At Graz this simply never happens, meaning your flying training progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Want to know more?

See Streamlined Training and other training modules, then contact us to discuss how Absolute Pilots can help you:

  • Attain your private pilot’s licence (PPL(A)) in as little as 8 weeks (of which only 3 weeks present in Graz necessary); and
  • Accelerate your commercial pilot’s licence (CPL(A) including ATPL(A) theory to completion within 12 months (of which only 2 months present in Graz necessary).

Picture Source: Mario Gimpel/ Flughafen Graz.