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Is ‘Airmanship’ a learnable skill?

Absolutely YES! Airmanship is the combination of the knowledge, skills and attitude required to operate an aircraft safely in all foreseeable situations. Excellent Airmanship is vital for professional airline pilots.

Why is Airmanship important?

In order to fly safely, a pilot must blend their fundamental knowledge, skills and attitude to understand and operate the aircraft effectively in all flight conditions.

For professional pilots, non-technical competences like decision making, communication, mutual supervision, teamwork and support, are just some of skills that are considered a part of ‘Airmanship’ and which are crucial for a successful career in a multi-crew environment.

Interpersonal competence is key

All flight schools teach Technical competence and Procedural competence, but professional pilot training must also include interpersonal skills training.

At Absolute Pilots, we focus on your pilot career and so we place a high importance on Airmanship throughout your curriculum and distil your skills training into 3 main areas of competence:

  1. Technical competence (handling the aircraft, system knowledge)
  2. Procedural competence (knowledge of procedures, awareness of rules)
  3. Interpersonal competence (communication, teamwork, structured approach, diligence, and sense of responsibility).

Learning excellent Airmanship skills is so important to us that we also teach all 3 competencies to our PPL students as part of their curriculum, even if they are not progressing to professional qualifications. This is just another way we ensure that we help create the very best pilots for the future.

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