What could you have in common with Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickenson, and Actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta? A: These mega-stars hold a Commercial Pilot Licence, and so could you!

We mention these celebrities as evidence that busy people with a full-time job and lots of distractions can get a Commercial Pilot Licence. Their career success is probably based on their ability to focus, and this is one of the main characteristics for you to develop during your transition from PPL holder to becoming a Commercial Pilot.

The basics are laid out in the regulations, which can appear complicated, but at Absolute Pilots (AP) we have applied our years of experience to ensure that your learning journey is well-structured and divided into logical bite-sized pieces.

Build on theoretical knowledge

The curriculum we have developed allows you to build on the theoretical knowledge you will gain in your commercial pilot ground school and fully integrate this information into your flying in our highly equipped aircraft, which have been harmonised for your advanced training. 

The curriculum flights are conducted exclusively by AP’s experienced commercial pilots who have trained hundreds of pilots to commercial standards.

Develop the skills you need 

If you have conducted your basic flying training at a private flying club with amateur instructors, there is no doubt that you will have a fairly steep learning curve ahead of you. 

We understand this and are ready to help you develop the skills you need to be an effective and safe commercial pilot. We’ll teach you the skills to plan rigorously, fly accurately, and to make great decisions whilst airborne. 

We will ensure that your navigation is tip-top, that you can handle non-standard situations (emergencies) calmly and confidently, that your radio work is first-class and that your approaches and landings would make a jet pilot blush!

The remit of a commercial pilot is broad, and during your training at AP we will help you develop intense focus and learning strategies that you will rely on every time you go flying for the rest of your career.

If you have completed your basic training with us, we will automatically have instilled these values and skills into you from the very beginning. Your learning curve will not be so steep, but your desire to learn and improve will be enhanced with every single flight.

We’ll prepare you for that seat in the cockpit

We will share our insider knowledge of the industry as we prepare you for that pilot seat in a commercial operation.

The CPL training is packed with detail. The briefings are full of new insights into the demands placed on a commercial pilot. The debriefings are equally thorough.

You may have to learn resilience and adaptability as we give you honest and direct feedback about the myriad of areas where you will have to ‘up your game’ to make the grade.

Of course, we will do everything to help you reach the required standard and you will go into your flight test fully prepared. The rest is up to you.

If you want to look, feel and really BE a commercial pilot, like Bruce, Tom and John, then the team at Absolute Pilots are ready to support you on your exciting journey!

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